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This image was created in Photoshop by using a double exposure effect. This was one of the pieces I used to get into the Graphic Design Program at UW-Stout. The objective was to create an abstract piece out of house hold items (using any medium). Three seperate photos make up this composition. The first is the background photo, which is an image of a door handle flipped upside down. The second is the key, which fades off into the key hole. The third is the metal around the key hole. I personally enjoy this composition because of the colors and the idea of taking different items and making them into one complete image.


This is one of my favorite photos I took of my friend Mariah while we were doing a make-up photo shoot.

An example of a "Save the Date" card.

Using the same image and setting different moods using Photoshop.

These are from a project I did in my PHOTO 130 course at UW-Stout. I was to explore motion in photography and decided to use a friend who did flow arts as my subject. She had recently explored using fire in her flow arts I thought that would be an interesting thing to try and capture.

These are from a project I did in a Design Concepts and Problems course at the University of Wisconsin-STOUT. I worked along side 4 other designers to comprise a board game (Trophy Trail) with 213 pieces, an instruction manual on how to play the game, and packaging for the game. The games packaging, logos, and majority of the boards were designed by myself.

This was a design I did for a "Card Assignment" in a Digital Design class at the University of Wisconsin-STOUT. We could choose any holiday or theme for the card. I chose to do a Valentine's Day theme with a satirical spin on it.

This was a design for an assignment in another Design Concepts and Problems class at the University of Wisconsin-STOUT. We were to design a seat using a 2x4 sheet of wood (some other minimal material if appropriate) that functioned as a seat with an additional purpose (in my case storage). I later went to take this design farther and making it sturdier by inserting larger wooden posts on each side of the inside space.

Below are projects that I've done over the years for clients, college, and for fun. They have a range of different media; some consisting of photography, some not. Some are even mixed media. 

This was a project for a 3-D Design class at the University of Wisconsin-STOUT. The objective was to create an outfit using anything other than fabric for an event Fashion Without Fabric. The theme for the year my partner (Stephanie Chang) and I created this was Everything Large and Small. We decided the idea of using money would be an interesting approach to this theme. We thought about how a little bit of money (pennies, nickles, dimes; the stuff people tend to think doesn't have much value) can go a long way when accumulated and add up to a large sum. For the dress we used over 300 real and fake pennies (mixture of real and fake due to heaviness of too many real pennies), gold spray paint, pink plastic sheet (table sheet), 300 pieces of fake pink bills (hand-dyed 5s, 10s, & 20s. Each layer a different shade of pink), cardboard, metal wire, hot glue, super glue, and plastic mold (for chest piece).

This was a sculpture project I did using different metal materials as my medium. I like trying to create animals when doing sculptural work and wanted to create something that was a functional sculpture which is why I chose to create an Angler fish. This way I could create an actual light source on its antenna, as well as being able to use different colors. (Used to create: washers, screws, nails, gears, copper piping, metal wire, soda cans, and epoxy)

This was a project of using Photoshop and Illustrator to create a design for a skateboard. I decided to use inspiration from Cute Is What We Aim For's song Hollywood. (Top: digital copy, Bottom: design on board.)

This was a project using Illustrator to create a design for the Google logo for their annual competition for scholarship money along with getting your design feature on the Google webpage for a few days. I decided to create my design digitally rather than drawing because I wanted to push my skills in Illustrator. I decided to stick to a theme of photography using different photography equipment/materials to make the word Google.

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